Learn To Blog from Bloggers.

The list of virtual world personalities to learn from are Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Jeff Bulas, Syed Balkhi, Brain Clark, Darren Rowse, John Chow, Yoast, Moz, Amit Agarwal. Harsh Agarwal and list go on.

The guys are winners. Everybody loves the winners and forget the losers.

If you are serious about blogging and wants to make a career online. Then you better not only read or study their blogs but also follow the practices the above-geniuses suggest.

Learn to Blog from bloggers
Learn to Blog from bloggers – Photo Credit

If you have decided to blog and earn from the Internet. Then these are the irresistible guys who are impossible to ignore.

To Blog from Bloggers list

Brian Dean – Believed to be the backlinks guru by none other than Neil Patel himself.

Don’t miss the brilliant stuff in his blog about backlink sources, google ranking factors, and search traffic increasing link building techniques.

Brain Dean Blog From Bloggers
Brain Dean
  • Follow this Dean to learn strategies of link building. Get trained even for SEO of your blog.
  • Also about SEO strategy, guestographics, on-page SEO anatomy for a perfect page and the definite guidance of keyword research.

Jeff Bullas – The art of writing is smooth and silky. This magician’s article presenting is so subtle that you don’t even realize that you learned more than you ever imagined about building personal and business brand.

You cannot afford to miss Jeff’s 3 brilliant masterpiece articles on Social Media Statistics with Info-graphics, Social Media Facts Statistics; and last but not the least about FaceBook / Google Info-graphics.

Jeff Bullas Blog from Bloggers
Jeff Bullas
  • Reading Jeff’s blog will not only help you learn about article writing but also help you create quality content unparalleled.

Darren Rowse – The pioneer of professional blogging. He is the first and the inspiration. The gentle blogger helps us learn the tips of making money by blogging.

We should consider ourselves lucky to learn from Darren on how to start a blog, create great content, find readers to your blog;

Learn to build strategies for community building on your blog, make money by blogging;

And finally the most important way to make your life of blogging easier.

Darren Rowse Blog from Bloggers
Darren Rowse
  • Readers of Darren will not only learn the content that needs to upload but also guide you to earn handsomely.

Bloggers of A Special Tribe

Brian Clark – Guru of copy blogging on the net. First user of the term ‘CopyBlogger’.  The man converted his business into a huge success only by blogging.

Following Clark will inspire you to become a writer who can make a living.

His advice is vital if you want your content to be read by more and more people.

Brian Clark Blog from Bloggers
Brian Clark
  • Brian doesn’t just teach content marketing but also help you create killer online content.
  • His style of writing will guide you to become a writer with authority.

John Chow – The attitude of John is what we must have in order to be a success on the net and earn handsomely.

John will my first choice when it comes to blogging and earning.

I would call him a blogging-monk whose article producing ability with not-getting scared attitude of sales pitch throw is mind blowing.

Bloggers following his footsteps of money earning flamboyance are the real winners.

John Chow Blog from Bloggers
John Chow
  • Chow talks straight on your face blogging. He shows us the income power of blogging.
  • The dot com lifestyle of this unique personality needs an emulation.

Rand Fishkin – The Wiz of Moz – Most respected authority in the net world. What they talk today is for today, tomorrow and for the future.

Moz art of Internet - Blog from Bloggers
Moz art of Internet
  • Moz’s tools and resources will not help you learn better marketing with respect to SEO but also make you an inbound marketing expert in the world of internet blogging.
  • I would rather call him Moz’Art’ of Internet.
  • This co-founder of Moz and Inbound needs no introduction about his analysis and presentation of search results.

Power Bloggers Of Unique Kind

Neil Patel – Style of writing along with info-graphics and examples are mind blowing. “Quicksprout” and “Kissmetrics” synonymous with this SEO-analyzer and blogger.

Neil Patel Blog from Bloggers
Neil Patel Blog from Blogger
  • Reading Neil Patel blog and info-graphics will not only improve your knowledge of blogging but also help you become earnings online a full-time profession.

Joost De Valk – The greatest and the most important WordPress plugin is the contribution from this genius to all newbies, freebies, and the pro paid ones. An open source fanatic who is an authority on WordPress, SEO and Web development.

Joost De Valk Blog from Bloggers
Joost De Valk
  • Reading Joost’s blog and utilizing his SEO WordPress plugin arm you with the power of blogger with authority but also help you become an SEO expert in the world of internet.

Syed Balkhi – Single window WordPress solution provider. If you are looking to get spoonfed about blogging on WordPress Content Management System. This single source for the beginners of blogging is unparalleled.

Syed Balkhi Blog from Blogger
Syed Balkhi
  • Readers of Syed’s will not only learn about WordPress but also learn how to maintain a WordPress powered blog.

Amit Agarwal – None in this world can match this knowing almost everything about blogging and tweaks on the net. This personal technology columnist is the first professional blogger of India.

Amit Agarwal Blog from Bloggers
Amit Agarwal
  • Beginners, as well as the learning curve-blogger, read Amit’s blog to get digitally inspired.

Harsh Agarwal – This youngster completely knows the pulse of netizens. Inspiration to all youngsters as well as the not so youngsters. This self-proclaimed blog scientist shouts the loudest when it comes to blogging.

Harsh Agarwal Blog from Bloggers
Harsh Agarwal
  • Reading Harsh’s blog will not only teach step by step process of blogging but also help you become a loud shouting blogger.

The above are some of them. Our advice. Simply follow the advice of these personalities to learn to blog from bloggers. You will never regret my advice and your decision.