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We are helping Restaurants, Spas, Sweet shops, Portfolios, Companies, Educational institutions, and you name it, set up there own website.

We design solution to your problem of converting visitors to customers. Our idea is to help you build a website at a nominal cost in 7 days.

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Our aim is that your website design must be clean and simple with an effective communication about your business.

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Choosing an apt website design

We are confident to build a website for you in 7 days suiting your requirement. More or less it is a single window – 9 am to 10 pm – Sunday to Saturday available on Phone No. 90300 05289 – one stop solution – making your online and offline presence of your business.

You have the choice of selecting from more than 100 designs and your budget suiting website. In case you need to get a solution without confusion (not sure), we suggest an economical package suiting your requirement.

Just share your need with us, we give you a sample of design free within 24 hours to decide or refuse (You have the right!)

Small Personal or Business Website

Whatever is your situation? Whether you are deciding to start your business or trying to increase your customers or want to get new customers, the simplest way and the first step is start a website in 7days live and ready.  Nowadays almost all people are on internet searching a business like your waiting to give you business, hence you’re ready in 7 days – website is ready and kicking to meet your customer needs.

Whether you are online ready or not ready but your customers will be in touch with you 24 hours through your website to give you business to meet their need / requirement.

We assure you that your brand will build with your beautiful looking website and assure you with high Return on Investment.

Pricing of Small Personal / Business Website

Click Here to see the Landing page of our designed Camera website

This is one of the website which we designed for a photographer who wanted to market his services of teaching his life’s experience of photography and cameras.

Learn About Cameras

A camera is an instrument to record and capture images to be stored locally. Camera can also be transmitted to another location for storing. The images are different types like individual still photographs, sequences of images, videos, movies etc. The camera can also be considered as a remote sensing device due to its capacity to sense subjects without even having physical contact.

In most of the cameras the silicon electronic sensor does the task of capturing the medium. This electronic sensor plays the vital role of helping the camera in forming the image.

How A Camera Works

A camera may work with the light of the visible spectrum or with other portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.  A still camera creates a single image of a scene, records it on photographic film. Light enters through a converging lens/convex lens, an image is recorded on a transition metal-halide. The shutter controls duration of time that a light can enter a camera.

Cameras allow a person to  record the view of the scene, to focus for a desired part of the scene, and controls the exposure for not being too bright or too dim.  A display permits to view scene to be recorded by using the setting like ISO speed, exposure, and shutter speed.


Website Design (Responsive Only)

We all know nowadays people browsing the internet are moving from desktop to mobile phones. Hence the website that we build and deliver to you in 7 days must be developed and designed in such a manner that your customers or visitors to your website get a better user experience. This is possible only if your website is designed for being mobile responsiveness.  This in-7 days-delivered website will give the enjoy ability (better user experience) on all screen sizes and shapes.

We promise to develop and design a website for you, which is not only fast but also seamlessly seen by your visitors to your website without losing the functionality and form of your website. The flexible layouts we use for your website will not break even when the shape and orientation changes. Even on the small screen of the mobile phones the images we use for your website will not look messy. We assure to design a website for you that will look absolutely brilliant on all devices. This kind of responsive website will not only save money but also time of yours as well as your visitors or customers.

Pricing of Responsive Mobile Layout

Click Here to see Landing page of our designed MBBS abroad website.

This website we developed and designed to a teacher who was counseling the students about going abroad for medical studies like MBBS, MD, MS courses in India and outside India.

MD Abroad

With 13 lakhs of students taking to all India NEET  2017.  Only 60,000 MBBS seats are available. The remaining 12.4 lac candidates must look for medical courses outside India. Ukraine comes to mind first. This unique and peaceful country has great government medical colleges which are existing from more than 100 years. All universities are top class having recognition and accreditation in all world medical bodies including Medical Council of India.

Acquire MD From Outside India

Students looking forward to study in Europe, would be happy to note that Ukraine is one European destination that is attracting students from all  parts of the world. However, students from Asia specially from India, find Ukraine the destination to acquire MD degree. Thousands of students of India are studying in Ukraine. After coming back are working as full-fledged doctors employed with top corporate hospitals and some have joined government hospitals in India.

Power of CMS in your hands

Do you know what is a “Content Management System (CMS)”? Well, it is a system that help you to manage your within – 24 hours – built website without the help or need of a technical expert.  We can help you in this regard by building a website for you in 7 days which you can control, interact and post content as per your time and space.

There are so many CMS to integrate with your website. To name some are “Wordpress” (Easy and used by maximum people), Joomla and Magento (Mostly for eCommerce site). Our services are not only limited to integration and training but also help you with up gradation of versions and plugins, as and when needed. We are always available for minor tweaks with your HTML, PHP and CSS. Our CMS support will full control for a smooth functioning of the website as well as your business content.

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Get a Shopping Cart / Ecommerce Site

Don t you think that the time is come for converting our casual online visitors to loyal buying customers. This is always the aim of an online retailer.  But things are not easy as we think. However, don’t worry; we will help you in achieving your aim and dream. We will design and build a website which is basically an online store to check out by our simple and innovative strategies and frameworks. You have the option to stay with your chosen CMS or may ask us to customize and develop shopping cart for you.

You are always welcome to utilize our services of creating a B2B market place thus helping your users to sell goods or services. We will develop and design such an ecommerce website for you that you will see more customers making purchases on your website but also make repeated visits for more buying. We can also help you set up Wish lists, Coupons and rewards for your loyal buying customers.

Click Here to see the Landing page of our designed Restaurant website

This website we designed for a handsome couple of South India who are in the business of chain of restaurants. 


Have you thought of visiting the best restaurant in Chennai though named “Idli Dosa” located in the cool location in St Thomas Street? The delicious and the spicy food are lip smacking. The variety of food items are unlimited. Just don’t jump to conclusion that we are served only idli and dosa. Idli Dosa is the name but the dishes are Indian, Thai, Moghalai, French, the list of cuisines is unending.  Omelette, Bacon, Steak, Burgers, Noodles, Butternut squash, Ricotta, Black cod. Finally desserts like Artisanal Cheese. All economical priced.

Signature Dishes

The signature dishes of this Idli Dosa Restaurant is distributed to the length and breadth of Chennai. Even visitors from Coimbatore, Madurai, Puducherry and Annamalai make it a point to visit this prestigious restaurant of Chennai to taste the top dishes of Rava Idli and Masala Vada.


Customised Application

Now after seeing all the above written content and our services that we can deliver, it is time our brand needs a mention of our specialization. We have a simple agenda that owning or maintaining a website is not as costly or complicated as it is shown by the website designing companies and the so called technical experts. Anyone can own a website with minimum expenditure. So go for it now.

We are always available to explain and give you a free sample of a website built for you. If you like the design, pay and take it. If not, then you (customer is the king) can refuse it. We are capable of giving a number of design at rates that will be stunning low and economical. You can compare the market with the design of the website that we have developed for you. If you can get less than our price, then you can go for them. But I doubt, any competitor in the market can give less than us.

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Our intention and promise is to help you make a strong presence online enabling you to succeed as a website and business owner. The success of our business is solely due to the affordable prices that add value for the money invested by our customers (To build the website). Our modest and quality services will add momentum of converting the leads into business thus increasing your return on investment.

So pick up phone to call us on 90300 05289 to clear your uncertainty from where to begin. We will help you take right decision. You may also request for the quote along with your requirement details. We are always available for your assistance.

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