A good ratio of followers to following on twitter is ambiguous. The unending debate has only an illogical solution.

What is a favorable ratio ? You don’t need an answer to this. Because we all know that the followers need to be more in comparison to following.

Following is in our hands. However, followers reciprocating by following us is not in our control.

As a case study, I will give an example of the below photo. Wherein, the followers of @srswati9 are more in comparison to following by @srswati9.

ratio of followers to following on twitter
The ratio of followers to following on twitter

This is good and in favor of SRSWATI. However, the most important thing to know is to how to get such good ratio.

To get such favorable position of MORE FOLLOWERS and LESS FOLLOWING. You need to work hard to win the heart of the visitors to your twitter account @abcdef.

Methods Adopted of Ratio of followers to following on twitter

There are different methods and practices to be adopted. Now just for the understanding sake, let us considers 2 kinds of twitter account holders who implement different methods to achieve the objective of favorable ratio.

Important Note: We are not considering the real world popular personalities like politicians, actors, ministers, famous sports person etc. We are omitting this kind of twitter account holders.

So the 2 types are natural and the natural-looking-unnatural.

Natural Follower

The natural twitter follower is an account holder who gets followers, without him following them, but this type of natural follower follows the good account holders based on relevancy and impressive profile. Will avoid the spammy one.

Will avoid the spammy one.

Hence his ratio of followers to the following is always good.

Good Practices.

Natural Looking Unnatural Follower

The natural-looking-unnatural are pure and ruthless self-serving category.

  • These unnatural types use sugary coated methods like I follow you and now it is your turn to follow me.
  • Will follow you and make you follow them because of their superficial impressive profile.
  • Later after few days, this unnatural will unfollow you without your knowledge.
  • And you need to become Sherlock Home to find them.
  • But you can never find them because of your time constraint.
  • Beware of such kind of unnatural.

Now, how to find about these kinds of unnatural. It is easy. Read on to know.

Whenever, an account holder who is not a famous personality in the real world and has an excellent ratio. Like 90K followers and only 50K following.

Ratio of followers to following
Ratio of followers to following
  • Beware of this kind.
  • Don’t get awestruck of these types of natural-looking-unnatural.

Remember, there is always a human behind these accounts. You should be able to just carefully follow and observe.

  • These natural-looking-unnatural are trivial many.
  • Don’t think they are the vital few.

However, the best way is to give respect and take respect.

  • If somebody follows you, follow them.
  • And suppose he unfollows you later silently, you can reciprocate him.

Start observing from today. Don’t get gullible (d) by these predators.